About The Project

Cards Against Harassment is a project I launched in summer of 2014 to counteract street harassment in Minneapolis. After years of experiencing or witnessing street harassment, and a few more memorable interactions in the spring of 2014, I made Cards Against Harassment in hopes that they would allow me to give street harassers the feedback, however limited, that their behavior is unwelcome.

Note: these cards are NOT for everyone, or for every situation. Nor should anyone interpret my videos as representative of how a card-giving interaction could go. I have been engaging my harassers for the purposes of documenting the prevalence of street harassment in Minneapolis, but the average interaction handing out a card can be rapid and non-verbal. If your personal experience of street harassment tends to involve the fear of physical violence, this project is not intended to suggest you are in any way obligated to engage, escalate, or educate. Everyone deals with harassment differently and you have to do what's right for you.

About Lindsey

I live and work in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota. My personal advocacy against institutional sexism and rape culture first reached a broader audience following a viral Craigslist Missed Connection written to a catcaller in September 2013. In June of 2014, I began filming street harassment in the Twin Cities and launched Cards Against Harassment, which was picked up by buzzfeed and led to me making appearances on Good Morning America, WPR, and other national and international media outlets. I enjoy speaking and leading workshops on campus violence, rape culture, street harassment, and gender bias so reach out if you have a conference, panel, or workshop you're interested in collaborating on!

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